RMG Steel

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RMG Steel (part of Granly Steel since 2009) is a full service supplier in construction work, transport and lifting equipment as well plate processing in aluminum, stainless and black steel.

All welders are certified acc. ISO9606. All welding performed acc. ISO3834.

RMG-Steel produces according to the high standards required among others in the wind sector, also delivering to same high quality and delivery performance.

Brian Vogt
General & Sales Manager

Mobile: 15888103151
Email: bv@rmgsteel.cn

Jesper Mathiesen
Factory Manager

Mobile: 15867837363
Email: jm@rmgsteel.cn

Eric Chen
Finance Manager

Mobile: 13566552935
Email: erch@rmgsteel.cn

Bodil Wu
Supply Chain Manager

Mobile: 15990208585
Email: bowu@rmgsteel.cn

Justin Lee
Production Manager

Mobile: 13567843749
Email: jule@rmgsteel.cn

Janey Yang
Quality Manager

Mobile: 13615887339
Email: jaya@rmgsteel.cn